Safari on OS X is a Memory Hog

This post falls under the “Etc” of the blog’s title :-)

I’ve got the latest and greatest Safari version, on the latest and greatest Snow Leopard patch level, and Safari leaks memory like there’s no tomorrow. Most recently several hours of use had it consuming 500+MB of RAM, with a single web page open.

That…is obscene.

Contrast that with Camino, which in comparable usage consumed…220 MB of RAM (and went down from there to 213MB when I closed all but one tab). I don’t think that’s anything to write home about, but it’s obviously waaaay better than Safari (and for that matter it’s better than Firefox and Chrome, too). The only browser I know of that might give Camino a run for the money on this score is Opera, but on OS X Opera’s Java support is a bit spotty: there is at least one Java app online that I use a lot, and it does not work in Opera. Besides, I like the look and feel of Camino better, too.

I think it’s time for the Big Brains at Apple to do some optimizations. I like Safari, but I can’t abide memory hogs.

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