Veritatis Splendor 14

In VS §28 Pope John Paul II proposes four “essential elements” of the Christian moral order:

[T]he subordination of man and his activity to God, the One who “alone is good”; the relationship clearly indicated in the divine commandments, between the moral good of human acts and eternal life; Christian discipleship, which opens up before man the perspective of perfect love; and finally the gift of the Holy Spirit, source and means of the moral life of the “new creation” (cf. 2 Cor 5:17). [Emphasis in original]

I think this is an excellent summation. It is thoroughly centered upon God, towards Whom and for Whom our lives must be ordered. It affirms the necessity of holy living, and insists that this holiness is only possible by means of the New Law, which is the Holy Spirit poured out in our hearts (as we saw previously).

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