Shock: Facebook Proves Useful

I joined Facebook yesterday.

The jury’s still out as to whether or not I’ll be glad about that in the long run, but in the short term it has been fantastic for a single reason: it allowed me to connect with a friend I hadn’t been able to find online despite years of searching (and vice versa: he had been unable to dredge me up, too). So whether or not I stick with FB, I will at least be grateful for that one thing.

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4 comments on “Shock: Facebook Proves Useful
  1. beholdin says:

    Yay! Now if you could get your lovely wife on Facebook, too that would make me extremely happy!! Miss you guys!

  2. aquinasetc says:

    The fact that I would join proves that literally anything is possible. :-)

  3. Andre Chouravong says:

    Did you have a chance to subscribe to the Called to Communion Facebook updates?

  4. aquinasetc says:

    I haven’t done so…but I’m very far from having figured the whole thing out yet.

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