Asylum of the Daleks

Fantastic start to the new series! I spent the last year becoming a Whovian, and I’m very happy to be starting my first season watching them as first-run episodes. The ads are annoying though. We haven’t had a TV in 20 years, and one definite perk of watching things at Amazon/Netflix/iTunes/on DVD is that you don’t have to suffer through the vexing interruptions of advertising.

I don’t know how Oswin escapes. That’s a particularly interesting cliffhanger for this episode. She’s brilliant, and maybe she manages to pull something off in a clever way; or of course the Doctor is brilliant and can come up with something dazzling too. Maybe something timey-wimey. Something to look forward to!

The first episode of Dr. Who that I saw was The Wedding of River Song. That’s an odd place to start, I’ll grant you, but I was being introduced to the show by a friend and that’s the episode that happened to be airing at the time. Confused as I was by things, it at least intrigued me enough to motivate me to give the show a try. Christopher Eccleston was good, and deserves all the credit in the world for getting the show off the ground again. David Tennant was brilliant, and some of my favorite episodes are from his three seasons: Blink, The Impossible Planet + The Satan Pit, Silence in the Library + Forest of the Dead, and others are just extraordinary. But Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, and Pond & Rory are my favorite companions yet.

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