Sauce for the Goose

So I am feeling a tad vexed at the moment by the usual Protestant claim
that we Catholics believe in salvation by works, and I think it is time for a
little bit of that sauce for the goose.

To believe is to do something. To exercise faith in someone is to do
something. Therefore the Protestant belief in salvation by faith alone is a
belief in salvation by a human act. It is a salvation based upon works.

There. Not so fun when someone pulls that on you, is it? But you see, it
amounts to special pleading if you privilege the exercise of belief or of
faith in such a way as to remove it from the order of human action.

Now, I know that what I have just written is something of a caricature.
But I do it in order to make a point. Dear Protestant reader, I would ask you
to stop listening to theologians who never bother to read what we actually
believe. There are many Catholic resources available online for free where
you can read for yourself exactly what we believe and where you can ask
actual Catholics to explain things you do not understand. If you are not
willing to take so small a step as this in order to understand what you
intend to criticize, kindly refrain from criticism. Thank you!

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