Caritate in Veritatis Post 8 – culture is not tech

Benedict XVI has this to say about the relationship of technological and cultural development. In short: there isn’t any correlation.

Technologically advanced societies must not confuse their own technological development with a presumed cultural superiority, but must rather rediscover within themselves the oft-forgotten virtues which made it possible for them to flourish throughout their history. [CV §59]

Just because I can get a frozen pizza cooked in 2 minutes in my microwave doesn’t make Western culture better than it was 100 years ago, or better than other cultures today that value human life and traditional marriage more than we do. As the popes have taught clearly in the Church’s social doctrine, culture isn’t merely a human construct or an expression of human outlooks but rather and primarily exists for the sake of man. It exists for our good, and to the extent that a culture perverts that end, it is inferior to other cultures that advance and promote the good of all its members in greater degree.

Just how superior dare we say a nation’s culture is which has murdered more than 50 million babies in the last forty years?

How superior is a culture which tolerates a government that as a matter of policy declares itself free to assassinate any of its own citizens once they are declared by one man to be “enemies of the state”…despite the fact that the law requires trial by jury and habeas corpus?

How superior is a culture where torture is not merely tolerated but actively exercised as a means of interrogation?

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