Global warming explains everything

CBS would like you to believe that hot causes cold. Also up causes down, and rain creates deserts.

A rather glaring problem here is that for its fans AGW doesn’t seem to be falsifiable. It explains everything. Record cold? That’s AGW. Snow in 49 states? AGW. Inflation? AGW. The fact that I stubbed my toe? Clearly a consequence of AGW.

Another problem with the article is that it blames all this record cold & snow on arctic ice melting. Well, you know, except for the fact that it’s not. But let’s not let ticky-tack facts like that blow a good story.

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3 comments on “Global warming explains everything
  1. blueskygrannie says:

    One very windy day when my son was 5 he ran to me and exclaimed that he knew why it was so windy. He pointed at the trees and said they were waving back and forth and causing the wind! I think we grownups also make such claims on the little bit of knowledge we think we have. We build computer models to generate predictions but never have completely accurate data upon which to build the models. Only God has such knowledge and it is far beyond our intelligence.

    Modern mankind has only been keeping published detailed records of weather since the late 1800’s. Like, who was here thousands of years ago (or billions if you believe the evolutionary theory) to measure or observe anything? What was the weather like in Arkansas in 406 BC? London in 629 AD? China in 2000 BC?

    Global warming? Cooling? Why does the general media only fuss over man-made global warming or cooling (in the 1970’s it was the global cooling fear). What about the sun’s effect on climate? Volcanic effects? These cannot be controlled by imposing laws, but some men like David Keith acknowledge the volcanic eruption effect on the global climate and formulate ideas of solar radiation management of the atmosphere to counteract “global warming” in spite of inherent dangers to civilization of messing with our atmosphere!

    Scientists and social change agents who think they can counteract global climate change by manipulating the weather by geoengineering or weather modification or attempting to reduce the population of “useless eaters” who cause climate change are more dangerous, I believe, than some of the pollution mankind has produced. From everything I have read so far, mankind’s pollution is not able to produce global climate change. Bigger forces are involved, like geologic activity, magnetic pole shift and solar activity. We falsely observe local effects of man-made pollution and attribute its effect on a global scale which becomes quite handy for political schemes to thus control the earth’s human population and impose rules which produce profits for those in control.

    So, do we ignore all the ways mankind has polluted the earth? No! As Christians we need to care about the earth upon which God has placed us. This is His creation and a gift to us. We should be the best and most outspoken about being neat and clean and doing no harm to our earthly home for our generations and any more to come.

  2. aquinasetc says:

    Yup. There is a definite problem when literally no data qualifies to falsify a theory. We have moved from science to fideism.

    As an aside, when I was your son’s age I thought wind was caused by windmills. :-)

    • blueskygrannie says:

      Windmills—yes! :) Wonder if our Heavenly Father is ever amused at our perceptions and explanations of His amazing creation……

      And modern science does at times fit under the category of religion and/or philosophy.

      Pax et bonum.

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