Rhetorical Questions

How would Americans feel if some foreign power landed its military within our borders?

How did we respond in the War of 1812?

And yet a watching world trembles again while the Russian tanks roll once again. The whole thing is sickening to watch. I am left to wonder what Reagan would have done in these circumstances, but I am willing to bet a dollar it wouldn’t have involved our current Chief Executive’s huffing, puffing, whining, and hand wringing. I’ll double down and say the Iron Lady wouldn’t have stood by silently either. We are moral cowards, and we have the leaders we deserve.

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2 comments on “Rhetorical Questions
  1. blueskygrannie says:

    We would absolutely hate it if another country tried to meddle in our affairs, invade our land and try to give us a government it thought better for us. Why do WE keep doing that to other nations?


  2. aquinasetc says:

    That is the $64,000 question. US hypocrisy and lying is utterly sickening. Btw thanks for the link! That article by Paul Craig Roberts is excellent.


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