The Winter of 2014

My son has a snow day tomorrow—no school—for the twentieth time this year. That’s an entire month of school missed because of snow, cold, and ice.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am 100% certain that weather like this is completely unprecedented in my lifetime (stretching back into the 60s). In short, this is the worst winter I have ever seen in my entire life: I mean, 20 days of school missed?!? An entire month? That’s just unheard of, and I have lived in some snowy places (Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and – not quite sure this qualifies, actually: Seattle). We have had more subzero and single-digit temperatures here (to say nothing of the wind chills) this year than in any of the ten years we have lived in this area.

And I am supposed to believe that this is a consequence of global warming? Pardon me for having difficulty cramming the round peg of your theories into the square hole of real life, but I have a tremendously hard time wrapping my head around this notion that global warming can be the cause of colder weather. I mean, what does it take to falsify this theory, anyway? I have heard it named as the cause for everything from hurricanes (of which we have had fewer in recent years, contrary to the assured results of modern science) to rape to warts to gout to my lousy dancing. What will it take to falsify this theory? Look at this ridiculous list and tell me with a straight face that there is not something seriously wrong with the science here.

Meanwhile I have to put on more warm clothes for this “warmer weather” we seem to be having.

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One comment on “The Winter of 2014
  1. blueskygrannie says:

    While we are having cold weather, parts of Europe are having very mild weather. The Germans have been complaining of no winter there. German friends send us their photos of roses blooming in January. Europe has even seen a few tornadoes this winter and even one today occurred in France. Storm after storm hitting the west coast of Britain all the way down to Spain, unrelenting in the last few months. Major flooding. What’s up? Global warming? Cooling? Who knows. Solar flares, volcano eruptions and space weather influence the earth, I believe, more than humans who do pollute as well but hardly to cause global change. Climate science does not have all the answers. No science has all the answers, for science is ever observing, forming an hypothesis, testing and forming theories.

    Over the years mankind has wished to control the weather for various reasons, like cloud seeding to produce rain for a drought area, or to stop hail from destroying crops (hail cannons), or to prevent rain from ruining the Olympic games. Others with more sinister reasons such as using weather for warfare. How cool would that be to produce a vicious storm over your enemy nation? Weather as a force multiplier. See the 1996 USAF document about this very idea:

    Tampering with the weather for various reasons is not a new idea, nor is it a wild conspiracy theory. I personally do not know how much our weather is already influenced by experiments in the atmosphere, although some researchers believe it is at a dangerous level. If such things as the following links explain are true, then who knows what kind of weather we might have to endure. Mankind seems determined to mess up the beautiful home God has created for him, but thanks be to God for His mercy and final word in all things.

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