More proof of global warming

It is snowing in June out west, just days away from the beginning of summer. Undoubtedly I am too stupid to see that this is obviously proof of global warming, just as it is also proof of global cooling, but I am obviously too stupid to interpret evidence either. So pay no attention to the snow in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming…but be sure and take your winter clothing and leave the shorts at home. Meanwhile, let us all ponder: what exactly would it take to falsify AGW? Because literally every bit of counter-evidence I have ever seen has been reinterpreted as proof of global warming, and I am sorry—wait, no, I am not either—but colder than average temperatures across large regions (or even practically the entirety of North America this past winter) do not pass the smell test as proof of global warming.

Oh, but I forgot. I am too stupid to be able to understand this highly complicated science. I mean, it has to be complicated in order to account for literally everything.

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