Great moments in storytelling

So I thought I would start a vaguely recurring feature here on the blog where I provide quotations that I happen to like for one reason or another. You never know what I might dredge up for this half-baked feature, and that is perhaps best exemplified by our first entrant. It is not from Dickens. It is not from Tolkien. It is not from Lewis, Shakespeare, Waugh, Chaucer, or any of dozens of folks who are famous for being great writers. Nope. Our inaugural author is the late, very much lamented Douglas Adams:

Zaphod’s eyes sparkled with something that may or may not have been avarice as he passed over them. In fact it’s best to be clear on this point—avarice is definitely what it was.

Now that, friends, is great storytelling. Even if Adams never makes it into Poets’ Corner, he was peerless as a comic author.

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4 comments on “Great moments in storytelling
  1. ashleyomelia says:

    Love live love Douglas Adams!

  2. aquinasetc says:

    Yeppers. He was a genius. I have a few more to come from him. Actually, pasting whole books would do him justice, but we can’t do that. :-)


  3. Bryn Ralph says:

    And I would add, if I may so pretentious, George MacDonald and Lord Tweedsmuir (John Buchan) to
    your literary list of storytellers. [Forget the fact that they were Scots.]

  4. aquinasetc says:

    I don’t know if this will get me in trouble or not but I have never read either of those authors. :-( My plan is to quote stuff I like from books I have read.

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