Unspoiled Religion

We are drawing near (at least for now) to the end of my series of posts addressing problems and difficulties with the Protestant doctrine of sola fide.

Pure, unspoilt religion, in the eyes of God our Father, is this: coming to the help of orphans and widows in their hardships, and keeping oneself uncontaminated by the world. (James 1:27, NJB)

If sola fide were true as Protestants define it, one would expect that there would be some mention here of faith. There isn’t. Instead, the apostle’s concern is with how Christians ought to behave as the defining characteristic of Christianity. As always I hasten to add that this does not mean faith is irrelevant: we have too much evidence showing that it is necessary to say that. But we also have far too much evidence to say that the Protestant formulation of sola fide is correct.

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