Dimes and their differences

So the GOP won big on Tuesday. Pardon me if I am not giddy with excitement. You see, I remember the last two times the GOP held both houses of Congress; the first time (under Clinton) the Republican Senate refused to impeach Clinton despite the fact that he had committed crimes (crimes for which he lost his law license).

The second time was in the 2000s when they held both houses of Congress and the White House. During those years they failed to pass any significant pro-life legislation (if they passed any at all). They did, however, expand the federal government faster than ever since the Depression. They did give us “Homeland Security,” which has been super for treating citizens like cattle and criminals. They did transform the USA into a practitioner of torture and accelerated the development of the surveillance state too.

I hope I may be pardoned for saying that the country is going to get what they voted for once again. And they will not like it.

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