The Plan

I now have a tentative plan for reading and for posting here. I am starting to work my way once again through Summa Contra Gentiles. SCG is my favorite work of St. Thomas, and I have not read it in a long time (as is true with almost any other book I could name prior to this year…but I digress). So I am setting myself a goal to try and post on what I read in SCG at least every two or three days. I would like to say that I will post daily, but notwithstanding my recent streak I deem it a bit premature to be planning on more frequent offerings than this.

I know, I know: some of you are already taking off your slightly larger glasses. That’s okay. It isn’t much of a plan, I admit. But it is a place for me to start.

Posted in Aquinas - Philosophy, Summa Contra Gentiles

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