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Triple Oxymoron

So-called “medically assisted suicide” is none of those things. It is not medical in any normal sense of that word, since medicine and the medical arts have to do with healing and preserving life, not ending it. It is not

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The rewrite is underway

If you have hard copies of anything digital, you may want to hold onto them. They may be valuable someday. Or, on the other hand, they may be dangerous; in that case, consider yourself warned. I just happened to be

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We are more important than I

I am almost giddy with today’s learnings! From my reading: For even if the end is the same for a single man and for a state, that of the state seems at all events something greater and more complete whether

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Obvious Question for the Day

Speaking strictly hypothetically, I wonder if there is anything you could say or do that would be sufficient cause for others to stop calling you a “good Catholic,” or that would present a sufficient obstacle to actually bar you from

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The Plan

I now have a tentative plan for reading and for posting here. I am starting to work my way once again through Summa Contra Gentiles. SCG is my favorite work of St. Thomas, and I have not read it in

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Of Masks and Men

Before getting into this highly divisive topic, I take this moment to say I do not like wearing a mask. It is uncomfortable, and my glasses get steamed up almost constantly, and everybody’s voices are muffled. I always breathe a

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Liberty and Safety

I remember, back in the mid-1980s, reading a news piece about travel conditions for citizens of the Soviet Union. The particular thing that has stuck with me for lo these many years was that a Soviet citizen would be subject

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The Aftermath

In the days and weeks following 9/11 Americans became – very understandably, in my view – a bit skittish. We stopped buying stuff. We did it to such a degree that one radio talk show host in my city observed

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Where I Was

The Dreadful Day found me sleeping. We did not have a TV, and were unaware of what had happened until a phone call alerted us. We made our way to the internet immediately (no smartphones back then, at any rate

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We return now to our previously scheduled program already in progress

Four years ago I was eighty percent of the way through Summa Theologiæ when things came to an abrupt halt. Rather than start over from scratch, I am resuming where I left off, which was with the Supplement. This seems

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