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Baptized Humanism?

The Reformation arose out of the Renaissance. Protestants are ready to acknowledge the fact that the Renaissance emphases upon classical literature and a return “ad fontes,” to the sources, played an important part in the birth of their movement. This

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On Grace and Merit

It is not news to say that many Protestants claim that the Catholic Church teaches a form of salvation by merit in contrast to their own belief in salvation by grace. This claim about the Church’s teaching is of course

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While I am on the subject

Here is a quotation from CS Lewis that I think relates well to my previous post. If no set of moral ideas were truer or better than any other, there would be no sense in preferring civilized morality to savage

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Reply to a Reader

Recently a gentleman left a couple comments in response to a post here, and I don’t think I did justice to his remarks. In this post I would like to rectify that situation. He begins with this: Unfortunately, it seems

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The Catechism has this to say about Providence and the natural powers of the creatures that God has made: God has not willed to reserve to himself all exercise of power. He entrusts to every creature the functions it is

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True Virtue

St. Teresa says this in Interior Castle, about the soul in mortal sin: While in a state like this the soul will find profit in nothing, and hence, being as it is in mortal sin, none of the good works

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Aquinas the Catholic

Sometimes, and for reasons that honestly escape me, certain Protestants will attempt to say that St. Thomas was “one of them:” Not that he was literally Protestant of course, for that would be anachronistic, but rather some folks claim that

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Somebody has integrity

The Reformed doctrine of man’s total depravity effectively denies the possibility of anyone acting with integrity because in the first place (they say) nothing we do is so truly good as to be free of the taint of sin, and

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When worlds collide

No, this post has nothing to do with Velikovsky (whether it should is a separate question). My topic is summed up in Sirach 33:14: Opposite evil stands good, Opposite death, life; So, too, opposite the devout man stands the sinner.

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Yes, we have no bananas

Nobody’s perfect. That includes ministers of the local ecclesial communities and Catholic parishes. Some folks would have us believe that it is intolerable for any cleric ever to sin, and that those ministers who habitually do wrong prove that Christianity

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