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Veritatis Splendor 2

In Veritatis Splendor §4 Pope John II writes concerning truth and freedom: Today, however, it seems necessary to reflect on the whole of the Church’s moral teaching, with the precise goal of recalling certain fundamental truths of Catholic doctrine which,

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Free Will and Evil Attachment

In our last episode, we saw that St Augustine identified evil desires as that which causes an action to be evil. Now in chapter iv he begins to refine that answer. He observes that life without fear is a good

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St Augustine calls non-Catholics his brothers

Recently I commented about the fact that—contrary to those who want to say that Vatican II was supposedly a “liberal” council in some odd way or other—it is no novelty to describe Protestants as “separated brethren.” Now Taylor Marshall at

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St Augustine on the source of evil

Having rejected the idea that man becomes evil because of something external to him, St Augustine pursues in On Free Choice of the Will Book I, chapter iii what he admitted (in chapter ii) is a difficult question: namely, why

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St. Augustine on faith seeking understanding concerning evil

Having addressed the issue in book I, chapter I of On Free Choice of the Will as to whether we might possibly be induced in some way to do evil by forces external to us (whether by having been created

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St. Augustine, Education, and Evil

Having previously established that God is not the source of evil, St. Augustine has thereby shown in On Free Choice of the Will that we don’t do evil because we were made that way. Well, is there some other external

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Augustine – Justice requires punishment and reward

We have seen in a previous post that God’s justice requires that the evil He punishes must have been done willfully. In other words, man must have free will or he cannot justly be punished for his sins. It’s worth

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St. Augustine, Justice, and Free Will

We don’t even get past the first page of St. Augustine’s On Free Choice of the Will without a clear statement of the relationship of justice to free will. By way of entering into the dialogue, Evodius asks him “whether

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Peculiar Omission

For reasons I do not understand, the editors of the Nicene/Post-Nicene Fathers series chose not to include St. Augustine’s On Free Choice of the Will in the set. You may find the set online (organized differently than the actual books)

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