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Salvation outside the Church

Some have said that a “novelty” introduced by the second Vatican Council is the idea that some people who are not Christians at all could be saved by God. These same folks are apparently unaware of the fact that the

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The validity of Protestant baptisms

A while back I wrote two articles on the validity of Protestant baptisms. The first of these wound up being cross-posted at Called to Communion and generated some controversy even among Catholics, which (to be honest) was disappointing. Now I

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What the Validity of Protestant Baptisms Means

In our last post, we saw that the Church holds Protestant baptisms to be valid (or, to be more accurate, baptism is valid when done seriously and in water with the words “I baptize you in the name of the

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Are Protestant Baptisms Valid?

In answer to this question we must say “It depends.” Some folks think that Catholic acceptance of any Protestant Baptism at all is a Vatican II novelty. This is not the case. Here is what the Catechism of the Council

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