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No begging at the table

Aristotle has this to say about question-begging with respect to the allegedly self-evident: [W]henever a man tries to prove what is not self-evident by means of itself, then he begs the original question. (Prior Analytics, II.16) For a theological example,


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An Elephant in the Room

At Green Baggins, a Reformed Protestant blog with an excellent name, there is a discussion ongoing with regards to the inerrancy of the Bible. The post asks this question: If God has spoken in any place in His word in

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The Canon, Development of Doctrine, and Sola Scriptura

Here’s what Bruce has to say about the interest in the canon from Jerome to the early Middle Ages: Throughout the following centuries most users of the Bible made no distinction between the apocryphal books and the others: all alike

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On the Canon of Scripture

More than twenty years ago I bought F.F. Bruce’s book, The Canon of Scripture. I have been dragging it around with me, through almost a dozen moves across wearyingly large swaths of the country, with the intention of one day

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