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Sign-seeking is a bad idea

Previously I’ve done blog posts drawing from St John of the Cross, in which he warns that a preoccupation with signs and visions is a sin against faith. The Catechism confirms that this is something that is foolish at best

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The Canon, Development of Doctrine, and Sola Scriptura

Here’s what Bruce has to say about the interest in the canon from Jerome to the early Middle Ages: Throughout the following centuries most users of the Bible made no distinction between the apocryphal books and the others: all alike

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Public Revelation is Complete – But Development is Not

Development of doctrine is to be distinguished from new revelation. The former unquestionably takes place, but there will be no new public revelation that we must consider as an addition to that which we already have in Scripture and Sacred

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Sacred Doctrine is a Science

When St. Thomas argues in the Summa Theologiae that sacred doctrine is a science, he does not have in mind something that’s much like modern science or the scientific method. What he means is something that affords greater certainty than

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