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The Catholic Appeal to Scripture

In a thread at the Protestant (and excellently-named) blog Green Baggins a Presbyterian commenter opines of the Catholic paradigm: There is no room for “asking what the Bible says” on any matter of serious importance in this paradigm. The freedom

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Live According to Truth

Gaudium et Spes 19§1 says this about why man exists: For man would not exist were he not created by God’s love and constantly preserved by it; and he cannot live fully according to truth unless he freely acknowledges that

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Doctrine’s End

Knowledge is good and important. Doctrine is important. But what makes it important is that its purpose is to stir up in us the love of God. We cannot love what we do not know, so in order to love

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Know and Do

The Catechism is not intended to be a theological workbook. It’s intended, as we saw previously, for the bishops and for the creators of local catechetical materials. In short, it’s intended for the sake of helping them teach us. This

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Quoth a (former?) Protestant

Scripture (which is uniquely inspired) must be interpreted. Either everyone’s interpretation is equally valid (or invalid), or Jesus founded a church whose leaders are able to offer an interpretation that trumps mine. Exactly. If God does not protect His Church

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No True Scotsman

In the wake of a certain pastor’s decision to step down due to changes in his beliefs, his [former?] co-religionists are caught up in a restless sea of emotions that is totally understandable. But there are some among them who

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Two Questions about Marriage and the Civil Law

That’s the title of a new post by Bryan Cross at Called to Communion. I commend it to you for your consideration. Bryan discusses natural law, civil law, and their relationship to the institution of marriage.

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Silly Rationalizations

The notes to the New Jerusalem Bible include the following comment on Exodus 16:15: “Manna is an insect secretion found on tamarisks.” This is one of the more unfortunate and absurd notes in the NJB. The editors apparently think it’s

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Aquinas on Hermeneutics

In ST Ia q1 a10 St Thomas says some interesting things about the different senses of Scripture, and especially about its literal sense. The author of Holy Writ is God, in whose power it is to signify His meaning, not

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Evidence for Belief

As we’ve seen in previous posts, we need divine revelation because our End is God, and we cannot attain to that End by our own powers. We receive the truths of that revelation with the assent of faith because they

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