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The Decision is Void

Just so that we are all clear with respect to the SCOTUS ruling yesterday: the decision is contrary to reason, contrary to the laws of men throughout history, and contrary to the law of God. Consequently the decision is entirely

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Individual responsibility and the common good

In Ezekiel 18 God refutes the unjust idea of the Jews that children and parents should be punished each for the other’s sins, so that innocent children would be put to death (for example) if their parents deserve death for

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Not by faith alone

Martin Luther famously had doubts about the canonicity of the epistle of St. James. This is because St. James rather clearly affirms that faith without works is dead faith, so that Luther’s notion of sola fide can only be maintained

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Augustine – Justice requires punishment and reward

We have seen in a previous post that God’s justice requires that the evil He punishes must have been done willfully. In other words, man must have free will or he cannot justly be punished for his sins. It’s worth

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St. Augustine, Justice, and Free Will

We don’t even get past the first page of St. Augustine’s On Free Choice of the Will without a clear statement of the relationship of justice to free will. By way of entering into the dialogue, Evodius asks him “whether

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