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If the Reformed were Right

This child would be dead. Edited with BlogPad Pro

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Inhumanity – Caritatis in Veritate post 10

I expect that this will be my last post in my little series drawing from Pope Benedict’s final encyclical, Caritatis in Veritate. How can we be surprised by the indifference shown towards situations of human degradation, when such indifference extends

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Consumption and Social Responsibility

This is the ninth post in my occasional series of comments from and about Caritatis in Veritate, Pope Benedict’s final encyclical. It is good for people to realize that purchasing is always a moral—and not simply economic—act. (§66) And therefore,

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Caritate in Veritatis Post 8 – culture is not tech

Benedict XVI has this to say about the relationship of technological and cultural development. In short: there isn’t any correlation. Technologically advanced societies must not confuse their own technological development with a presumed cultural superiority, but must rather rediscover within


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Chesterton quote of the day

A patriotism that does not allow other people to be patriots is not a morality but an immorality. [The Catholic Church and Conversion, chapter 3] This is a frustrating thing to me about US foreign policy. We behave as though

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Overheard at Mass

During the homily today our pastor quoted the following from the majority opinion of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas: At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of

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Object lesson

An advocate of the prenatal slaughter of children – sorry, abortion supporter – is reported to have said this (I am not making this up): Pregnancy is not natural. <cough> This from a woman who calls herself Catholic (<cough> again).

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Two Questions about Marriage and the Civil Law

That’s the title of a new post by Bryan Cross at Called to Communion. I commend it to you for your consideration. Bryan discusses natural law, civil law, and their relationship to the institution of marriage.

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