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Habemus Episcopum

That did not take as long as I feared! Our dear Bishop Johnston was transferred to Kansas City last November by Pope Francis. We were very sorry to see him go, but in a certain way it seemed inevitable; he

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Lumen Fidei Post 1 – Tradition and the Spirit

In Lumen Fidei, the first encyclical of his pontificate (a collaborative effort with his predecessor Benedict XVI), Pope Francis has this to say about the importance and role of Tradition in the Church: It is through the apostolic Tradition preserved

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Development for all, or the privileged few?

Many of us have alternately had a good laugh or got our dander up thanks to Limbaugh’s ludicrous assertion that Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation (n.b.: not encyclical; there is a difference) exposed the Pope as a “Marxist [sic]”. One of

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Pope Francis quote of the day

Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be brave! Be brave, ask Him!!! [Text from the Vatican Radio website]

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Habemus Papam

Lord, grant Your servant Pope Francis the grace and help of Your Spirit as he shepherds Your flock.

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