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No peace for individualists

Quoth the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Those who proclaim themselves to be the sole measure of realities and of truth cannot live peacefully in society with their fellow men and cooperate with them. (CSDC §142) Truth

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Sola fide goes on walkabout

It is an interesting exercise to read the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation. When I was a Protestant I just plain ignored the completely unambiguous language that the Lord Jesus Christ uses in speaking to

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The Church is Steward of Revelation

When I was a Protestant I was regularly frustrated by the fact that publishing houses and other non-ecclesial bodies had effectively assumed stewardship of the Bible. Publishers own copyrights on various translations, and Bible societies do the same. I was

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The Catholic Appeal to Scripture

In a thread at the Protestant (and excellently-named) blog Green Baggins a Presbyterian commenter opines of the Catholic paradigm: There is no room for “asking what the Bible says” on any matter of serious importance in this paradigm. The freedom

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Why We Need Revelation

In a recent post we saw that we need revelation. In SCG I:4 St Thomas goes into a bit more detail as to why we need it if we are going to know God. He assumes here of course that

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We Need Revelation

Reason is not omnicompetent. It cannot solve all problems. One problem it cannot solve for us has to do with helping us attain to our end. It was necessary for man’s salvation that there should be a knowledge revealed by

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Public Revelation is Complete – But Development is Not

Development of doctrine is to be distinguished from new revelation. The former unquestionably takes place, but there will be no new public revelation that we must consider as an addition to that which we already have in Scripture and Sacred

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Why the Bible alone is not enough

The Bible is the Word of God, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a book. It does not “speak” to us in a real way in order to tell us what it means. It is true

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