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The Catechism on Justification, Part 02

In our first foray into what the CCC teaches us about justification, it gave us the bird’s-eye, wide-angle-lens view of the doctrine. We learned that justification is the work of the Holy Spirit, a work of free grace; we observed

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The Catechism on Justification, Part 01

I have spent quite some time reviewing passages of Scripture that present problems for the Protestant doctrine of sola fide. More recently we took a look at what the Council of Trent had to say about the Catholic formulation of

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Salvation outside the Church

Some have said that a “novelty” introduced by the second Vatican Council is the idea that some people who are not Christians at all could be saved by God. These same folks are apparently unaware of the fact that the

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More about Mary

Having scandalized certain readers at Called to Communion by the fact that Catholic appeals to Mary in prayer go back as far as AD250 or so at least, I thought I would give them a break and spread the Marian

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Merit, Grace, and Nature

Most Protestants erroneously assume that Catholics believe in salvation by works. I could not begin to enumerate all the different Catholic works that demonstrate the falsehood of the notion, but here is a quick and short one from St. Thomas

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We have a choice: we can focus on our weaknesses or we can focus on God’s strength. We can make excuses every day of our lives or we can say, “Yes, I am weak on my own, but I am

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Necessity of Grace

In my last post I pointed out the blindingly obvious fact that the Catholic Church affirms that we are saved by Christ alone. Aside from this being a divinely revealed truth, even on the basis of mere reason it is

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We are saved by grace alone

Some folks claim that the Catholic Church teaches that we are saved by our own works. This is a false claim, as the Catechism makes clear: Everyone who glorifies the Father does so through the Son in the Holy Spirit;

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