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Longtime readers of this blog may possibly have noticed that the argument of my last few posts is really nothing more than an expanded form of the argument I offered in an article I wrote a few years ago: The

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Protestant Infallible Interpretation, Part 3

Last time, we ended with a question that becomes necessary as a consequence of certain opinions that were held by (for example) Martin Luther: to wit, that the Holy Spirit helps a person to correctly interpret the Bible. The question

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When worlds collide

No, this post has nothing to do with Velikovsky (whether it should is a separate question). My topic is summed up in Sirach 33:14: Opposite evil stands good, Opposite death, life; So, too, opposite the devout man stands the sinner.

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Yes, we have no bananas

Nobody’s perfect. That includes ministers of the local ecclesial communities and Catholic parishes. Some folks would have us believe that it is intolerable for any cleric ever to sin, and that those ministers who habitually do wrong prove that Christianity

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Newman QOTD

Here is an intriguing remark from Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s work An Essay in aid of a Grammar of Assent: [I]f it is the duty of the Church to act as “the pillar and ground of the Truth,” she

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Perfect Mistake

Perfectionism is a blunder. It assumes that perfection is attainable by us imperfect creatures. Even the perfectionist knows he isn’t perfect. That is part of the pathology. It is what leads the average perfectionist to have a poor opinion of

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Grace, grace, God’s grace

It has been a little while since I had anything to say about the fact that we are saved by grace alone. So I will just slip this little post in here to correct that. The Catechism teaches thus: It

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The problems are perspicuous

A large hunk (but by no means all) of Protestantism’s appeal comes from its doctrine of the so-called perspicuity of Scripture, according to which (as the Westminster Confession of Faith, for one, puts it) VII. All things in Scripture are

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There he goes

My friend Jason is asking some tough questions about some Reformed articles of faith. The Reformed may brush him off, but I do not see how they can pretend his criticisms have no teeth. The very best that they can

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Peculiar perseverance

Romans 11:22-23 presents an interesting difficulty for the Reformed Protestant doctrine of perseverance, according to which it is impossible for the Elect to lose their salvation. Consider what St. Paul writes in Romans 11 about the People of God as

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