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Infallibility – Why it matters

The Catholic Church affirms that under certain conditions the Pope, the Bishops, and in a certain way the Church herself exercises a gift of infallibility. This is a stumbling block for most Protestants. Why is this dogma so important that

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Duty and Justice

Yet another Old Testament passage which presents difficulties for the Protestant view of sola fide (for Reformed Protestants, at any rate) comes up at the end of Ecclesiastes: To sum up the whole matter: fear God and keep his commandments,

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Three car pileup

Horrible accident on the PCH (Protestant Coast Highway): sola fide and total depravity smashed into Psalm 15. Psalm 15 came out of the calamitous scene unscathed, but the two Protestant doctrines are on life support. 1 O Lord, who shall

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