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The Preacher does not preach total depravity

Reformed Protestants (and, perhaps, some other Protestants) hold to a notion of human sinfulness that is usually labeled total depravity. What they mean by this is that literally no one does good. Ever. They usually appeal to Romans 3 (especially

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If the Reformed were Right

This child would be dead. Edited with BlogPad Pro

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Soap Opera

Some Protestants (notably the Reformed) say that no man does good: that even the seemingly good things done by Christians are tainted by selfishness or other stain, so that all we do is sin, sin, sin. This does not appear

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Job is a problem for “total depravity”

The Reformed say, largely based upon Romans 3, that literally every human being who has ever lived has sinned and deserves damnation (Of course, they make an exception for the Lord Jesus, but we will pass over this as a

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