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Protestant Infallible Interpretation

In my last post, I said that the Protestant has made himself the measure of all things when it comes to the Bible: he will decide for himself what the Bible teaches. This amounts to a sort of “baptized Renaissance

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Newman QOTD

Here is an intriguing remark from Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman’s work An Essay in aid of a Grammar of Assent: [I]f it is the duty of the Church to act as “the pillar and ground of the Truth,” she

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Infallibility is Essential

In this post my aim is to present a brief biblical defense of the doctrine of ecclesial infallibility. I do not intend to be particularly technical: what I mean for the purposes of this post by “the doctrine of ecclesial

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Infallibility – Why it matters

The Catholic Church affirms that under certain conditions the Pope, the Bishops, and in a certain way the Church herself exercises a gift of infallibility. This is a stumbling block for most Protestants. Why is this dogma so important that

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Quoth a (former?) Protestant

Scripture (which is uniquely inspired) must be interpreted. Either everyone’s interpretation is equally valid (or invalid), or Jesus founded a church whose leaders are able to offer an interpretation that trumps mine. Exactly. If God does not protect His Church

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