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Just say No to football

This is the reason I am no longer a fan of professional American football. It is one thing to be ignorant of the potential risks associated with an activity; it is another thing entirely to actively suppress for twenty years

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Soap Opera

Some Protestants (notably the Reformed) say that no man does good: that even the seemingly good things done by Christians are tainted by selfishness or other stain, so that all we do is sin, sin, sin. This does not appear

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Caritate in Veritatis Post 8 – culture is not tech

Benedict XVI has this to say about the relationship of technological and cultural development. In short: there isn’t any correlation. Technologically advanced societies must not confuse their own technological development with a presumed cultural superiority, but must rather rediscover within

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Caritatis in Veritate Post 3 – Justice, Charity, and the Common Good

This is the third post in my series drawn from Pope Benedict XVI’s final encyclical, Caritatis in Veritate. As I mentioned before this is my favorite of Benedict’s encyclicals, and if we are willing to learn I believe that he

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Caritatis in Veritate Post 2 – Justice precedes charity

Love must not be confused with justice. Justice is that virtue by which we exercise a constant and firm will to give both God and our neighbors their due. It applies no less to governments than to individuals: we have

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