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The Human Race is not a Competition

You wouldn’t know it from the way we sometimes behave, but it’s not about winners and losers. Love your neighbor; don’t compete with him for who has the fanciest yard or car or house or whatever. Do unto others as

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Conditions revisited

I am returning to this subject (not for the first time) because it is important, and because there are at least some occasions when it seems very difficult. But given the severity of what Jesus has to say, I need

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Another Aristotle QOTD

Love for others comes of love for oneself. — Aristotle Yes, I know that I wrote about this not too long ago. But I just found this in my notes and I decided to repeat myself. At first blush this

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Hate your neighbor as yourself?

Self-hatred is not an option for the Christian. God says we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, which completely rules out hating yourself: you have to love your neighbor, so in the first place you must love yourself. In

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Aristotle Quote of the Day

Aristotle QOTD to love is to wish good to someone. (Rhetoric, ii.4) The only thing I would add is that love includes actually doing good for someone that is proportionate to the circumstances. As St. James points out it is

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