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St. Augustine on the Veneration of the Saints

As part of his critique of paganism St. Augustine in City of God condemns the tradition of making “gods” out of dead heroes and great men of the past; this is one theory as to how Rome came to have

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The Saints Care

On a few occasions I have heard people suggest that even if the saints in heaven do hear our prayers, they do not care about what goes on down here: in other words, the point is that even if they

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Total Depravity?

The Reformed like to quote from Romans 3 in defense of a view of humanity that is not shared by many of their peers. You can look up Romans 3 yourself if you like, because that isn’t terribly relevant here.

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Treasury of Merits

Some Protestants object that there is no basis for the Catholic doctrine of the treasury of merits of the saints (about which see here in the Catechism). But this doctrine is really in essence not different from the fact that

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